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Why Your Business Needs a Ready Site Solution


You do not wait for a month or six months.You can have a new site in 3 days.


Have you been told a terrible amount for a new site? We offer you a convenient solution for an actually symbolic amount.


We discuss all the details online and the day after tomorrow we will present a site to you.

HUGE FUNCTIONALITY, modern design and adaptability

You can edit and change the site without the help of specialists.

How We Do That

After several years of website development, we understand the biggest challenge for customers – editing a website as needed without calling developers. More sites in the world are created using a special code, but if a customer needs to change some information or add a new block, he must pay again. We want to change that. We use friendly software to create your own business website.

Our role is to create a beautiful, convenient, easily editable website for you thanks to the convenient Elementor tool. We use our knowledge of design and marketing for you. The rest is done by the program. She will help you.

We Offer You Not to Lose Time

NEW CONVENIENT MODERN and FAST site in 3 days.

No, we will not create a design solution from scratch, and no – this is not a sample solution from the Internet. But you will have a virtually unique, stylish and intuitive product that is easy to manage and use.

You will receive your website in a few days simply by filling out a brief and answering a few questions.

Stop waiting and endlessly send edits to performers!

Order the SMART solution developed by designers and marketers.

Only 5 steps and You Have a New Website


Discussion of the details of the future site


Payment and getting started


Demonstration of our site concept


Editing and transfer to the Customer


Transfer passwords and full control

Why do Businessmen Order a Website Here?

You get a design solution that contains many years of experience and knowledge of IT-specialists.

You get a full-fledged site in the stipulated time (2-3 days) and with the design approved in a brief statement.

You can contact us easily. All questions are solved online or by phone. If you wish, you can meet in the Kiev office or talk by Skype.

You do not overpay. We make websites at reasonable prices for almost every entrepreneur.

Ready and Working Sites of Our Clients

This site is also designed according to our methodology for 3 days!

Website business card for the company "Grassel"

Stub site for a reputation agency

Website for translation company

Online store for product warehouse

Update of the site of the industrial company

The site of the company on sale of warm floor

Online flower shop

Corporate site for repair of automatic transmission

The site of the school of foreign languages

Site-restaurant business card

Already done ...


Now designed more than...


What is Business Saying about Us

Price of Your New Site

Website - business card / Corporate

To get acquainted with the company and its product. Works like an online business card.
$ 3099
  • 5 basic pages
  • Fast loading site
  • Basic search engine optimization up to 3 pages.
  • Filling the site with customer's content
  • Connecting pixels, web viewer, etc..

Landing Page

For the sale of goods or services -
looks like this site
  • 1 long page
  • Fast loading site
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Filling the site with customer content
  • Connecting pixels, web viewer, etc.

Online store for small

A small online store that will allow you
o start selling soon
  • 5 basic pages (including shop)
  • Fast loading site
  • Basic search engine optimization up to 3 pages.
  • Filling the site with customer's content
  • Connecting pixels, web viewer, etc..

Any questions? We have already prepared answers

To make a website from scratch in 3 days is impossible – we declare it to you, as people with considerable experience in IT.

BUT it is possible to assemble a decent modern and convenient site on the basis of our blanks with customization for the client.

Your site will be made as soon as possible. With our experience, you will get not just a standard set of blocks on the site, but also a marketing component that will help you sell more. We invest in every project to the maximum, so we will do everything to make you and your customers satisfied.

IMPORTANT! We develop only the visual and software part of the site, the customer is responsible for the content. In case of anything, we will show you what else to add and what information to provide.

After payment and completion of all work, we provide you with all the data. And it’s all!

Now you can start work, content or website promotion. As a rule, if everything suits you and there are no edits, this work will take up to 3 days.

After payment, we do not require any intellectual rights to your site, we reserve the right to place it in our portfolio and our logo at the bottom of your site.

There are 4 people working on all the websites: project manager, marketing specialist, designer and coder.

The project manager will keep in touch with you from the beginning to the end of the project. With him you will discuss the details of the future site at the first contact, he will answer all your questions and continue to oversee the project. The designer will select the optimal palette and location of elements, add creativity to your site. A coder will take care of the adaptability and the convenience of the site for your clients.

After 3 days of starting work, you will receive a site that is already ready to bring you money.

Our team assumes only the visual and software content of the site, all information for placement provides the customer.

Yes. You will have access to editing and filling the site. In addition, it will be very easy to manage and edit! You will be surprised how easy and quick it will be to make edits on your part if you ever need it.

Yes, but it is very long and is not suitable for the concept of “site for 72 hours.” After all, it often takes a couple of days or a week to complete the contract, sometime even a month of negotiations and approvals. We know what it is in practice, so for the convenience and speed of work, we have created a public offer contract – you can read it here.

This site is the development and property of the Internet marketing agency “SeoMadePlace”, officially registered in 2016 as LLC. We work officially and the transfer of payment is made to the account of LLC “SeoMadePlace”, based in Ukraine.

You provide us with a ready translation, after which we programmatically create a copy of the page and enter a new text.

The translation text is provided by the Customer.

Domain – site address. Hosting – its physical placement on the computer. If you do not have these two elements – people will not see the site.

The images that you usually provide or we download are large. They need to be scaled to smaller ones. In addition, the correct setting on the server side will reduce the page loading speed from 4 seconds to 1.5.

Clients will trust more if you send letters from your domain mail than from GMAIL or any other.

The basic list of functions includes the ability to post information. You will have several pages such as “Home”, “About Us (About the Company)”, “Services”, “Portfolio”, “Contacts”. Or others as needed.

The Landing Page functionality includes basic placement of information, complemented by a beautiful layout and an additional connection of advertizing pikselles, analytics and other functions for collecting subscribers, targeting and A/B testing.

The functionality includes displaying the main page with a selection of goods, the actual online store itself, product cards, baskets, and the “contacts” page. In fact, within 3 days you get an online store with basic functionality.

Let's discuss all Details Right Now?

Leave your contacts in the form below and we will write you

Every company and every site is unique.

Everyone has their own needs and peculiarities in the transfer of information to their customers.

We understand this and therefore do an excellent job with any task.

Want to check it out? Leave your details and our marketer will contact you to discuss the details.

We are located in Ukraine and work for clients from all over the world.

Ukraine, Kyiv, Amvrosiya Buchmy st., 5

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